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I’ve just been annoyed af with everything and some people too “-.- I just want to be alone and not have one bothering me :/ yeah, people what’s wrong because I’m not the same as my happy self down the halls saying hi to people enthusiastically. It’s just I have so many things going on at te same time and I just can’t really handle them anymore especially when school is almost over, there are lots of things I still need to catch up on and it’s really not going anywhere :( I’m so stressed out to a point where I just knock out after practice when I get home. Also, I’m not really that excited for the show tomorrow :( I was a whole ago but now it’s ehh, one of the routines I’m in isn’t even clean and everyone just forgot and THE SHOW IS FRICKEN TOMORROW “-.- we aren’t going to look good! might as well take that piece out . I’d rather have a decent show than a bad show where one piece messes everything up. Then, there is also people JUST ANNOY YHE FUCKEN SHIT OUT OF ME ! like this dude in my 4th period -.- he doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up! and I’d tell him to stop taking my stuff and just randomly placing them all over the classroom nicely, but NO He thinks its FUCKEN funny to do that EVERY SINGLE FUCKEN DAY. he just doesn’t know when to stop and grow up “-.- last but not least, I have this friend and we’re pretty close , we would Skype and text and talk every single day, but not anymore. he stopped texting me and just been ignoring me lately :/ I guess he found a new someone and doesn’t need me anymore. I also kinda liked him too :3 so yeah, kinda sad but I guess it’s for the best. phew ! finally done. needed to get it out of me :/

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